Your personal, smallest and smartest professional SAVVY ECG monitor

  • class IIa medical device with CE certification
  • made in EU
  • continuous heart activity monitoring
  • weight only 21g
  • hypoallergenic
  • allows free body movement
  • 7 possible positions placing
  • waterproof
  • quick charge – only 2 hours until fully charged
  • device rental possible

MobECG application

  • easy to use
  • real-time ECG graph
  • up to 30 minutes detailed ECG report in PDF
  • PDF ECG report sending over e-mail
  • complete history of recorded ECG measurements
  • measurements sending over FTP server
  • freeware

VisECG program

  • intuitive software for cardiologists
  • easy transfer of ECG measurements from mobile device or tablet
  • complete ECG measurements data viewer
  • freeware
  • installer version 1.2.12, creates desktop located folder DATA for patient measurements (7.57MB)
download VisECG

Quick Reader® by HOLTER SUPPLIES®

  • 1st software able to manage up to 30days Holter recordings
  • fast – ECG analysis using optimized multi-frequency breakdown: around 8s to analyze 24h (QRS detection,
    classification, rhythm analysis and samples selection for report and print)
  • automatically analyzing all recorded ECG measurements
  • own patient list database
  • installation remote access support
  • version 2.05M (18/12/2018)
download Quick Reader®

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